PLP is accredited by GS1 as an Alliance Partner. Selected staff at PLP have been certified by GS1 South Africa as being GS1 Alliance Partners.

To our clients this is an assurance that PLP adheres to the quality standards set by GS1 when printing barcodes.

The objective when printing a barcode is to ensure that the barcode scans perfectly every time!

This is what GS1 strives to achieve.

GS1 lays down certain criteria regarding the type, position, size, substrate materials and colours used to print barcodes.

PLP, as a partner of GS1 agrees not to produce barcodes which do not conform to these standards and to bring this information to the attention of PLP’s client.

Only with a specific written instruction from PLP’s client to proceed with a non-conforming barcode, will PLP produce print a non-conforming barcode.

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