Packaging Products


Tags and header cards add a functionality to a product.

Sleeves are attractive coverings for many products, sleeves enhance product appeal and in some cases create an added level of protection for the product and boxes, besides adding appeal, also protect products.



For the packers of fresh produce we supply many different types of tags on board or other wet-proof and/or non-tear materials.

Some are strung with elastic bands, others are strung on thread, some with two tags on one string and yet others again are unstrung.
Whatever your needs, we can supply.



We also supply header cards for attaching to bags. These header cards can be stapled or even heat sealed to the bag.

Made from robust materials, we test our header cards to ensure that they can support the packing weights requested by you.



Used in many industries, board sleeves are found on many a product. In the food and meat industries, hygiene and food safety issues are included in the manufacture and supply process.




To give your product a real up-market image, have a look at our plastic sleeves. In many instances these sleeves can be used in place of board sleeves.



Need to take care of those curves? Shrink sleeves are an ideal way to brand those irregular shaped containers for your products.



Found in almost every supermarket and corner cafe and used extensively by the dairy industry, many a stretch sleeve will be seen on plastic milk bottles.



A box is a box is a box! Well, only some of the time.

To us a box has two main purposes:

• to protect the contents against damage and/or from any environmental elements it may be   exposed to;

• to enhance the appeal of the product.

For the food industry this means making sure that food-grade materials are used throughout the entire manufacturing process as well as ensuring that the box can withstand wet, cold, or heating processes which the box and its contents may be expected to encounter.

This is where we bring our expertise to bear by maximising these benefits for our clients on a job by job basis.


Not to be overlooked is the humble pharmaceutical box. No frills or fancies here. Just a down to earth box for high volume sales.


The design of boxes for the cosmetic industry make use of many extra printing and hand processes to make them really appealing to the prospective buyer.

These boxes can be foiled, embossed, contain fancy cut-outs and even include tie-on tags and ribbons.

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