Printed Products


In order to provide our unique product offerings, we use the printing processes which follow to tailor appropriate solutions for our clients.

It is often possible to obtain the desired result by using any of these processes, but each has its own unique place in the solution chain.

An incorrect choice can lead to a sub-standard result and/or an over-priced product.

This is where we bring our expertise to bear by maximising these benefits for our clients on a job by job basis.


The digital printing solutions offered by PLP use up to eight colours to render the final product.

Our designs often take advantage of the colour range offered by this process to maximise the attractiveness of the end product.


The litho printing process is a most versatile and appropriate process for printing a vast range of products.

When the design, choice of material and subsequent print and finishing processes are brought together, the potential of this medium of print is virtually unlimited.

Consider the differences in the following products, each with its own technical requirements, and you will appreciate the extent to which we can apply this printing process to meet your particular needs.

Letterheads for use on laser printers where grain direction and weight of the paper   is critical.

  • The selection of food-safe inks, varnishes and materials for food packaging.
  • The composition and layout of brochures and flyers to maximise machine utilisation   and subsequent processes.
  • The technical adjustments required to accommodate differing finishing processes   such as between perfect binding and padding.
  • The subsequent processing of extra printing processes such as foiling, creasing,   perforating and die cutting.


This process is eminently suitable for printing onto a wide range of products especially those used in the food packaging industry.

Product offerings range from the simple self-adhesive label to sleeves for bottles and meat packs. Engine gaskets can also be produced by this process.

On account of the process used, designs are of necessity adjusted to accommodate distortions due to the circumference of the cylinders used on the printing machines.

A similar distortion needs to be taken into account when producing shrink sleeves which will be applied to items such as shaped bottles

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